Saturday, October 28, 2006

What a little turkey!

Our sick little boy has made it so we have had quite a few near-sleepless nights. His latest trick is waking up very early - as in around 4 am. The other night we brought him into bed with us as we were desperate for some rest. Liam was quite good and was content cuddling with his Mommy. Unfortunately for Mommy, cuddling for Liam generally entails laying entirely on top of Mommy or putting his face so close that Mommy can barely breathe. Finally, after what seemed (and in reality was)hours, Liam finally fell asleep. Mommy moved Liam over and got comfy...just in time to turn the alarm off and get ready for work. So as Derek and I dragged our butts around trying to get ready for the day, King Liam enjoyed a peaceful sleep in our bed. Must have been nice...

An overdue update

Yes, Kate, I am still here! :D

The past two weeks have been pretty crazy. Derek and I have been in overdrive making sure that things are ready for this new little one to arrive. Besides all the baby gear, clothes, and accessories, we have also been trying to get all our Christmas shopping done, organise and clean out the house, and today Derek is building new side steps for the house. Slowly but surely we are making progress. At this rate there actually is a chance we may be ready before the end of November!

The amazing thing is we have been doing all of this with a sick toddler. Liam has been either battling one superbug or a battillion of smaller bugs. It started with a cold that turned into chest/sinus infection. He went on a round of antibiotics and it started to clear up, but as soon as the medicine was done he was sick again. This time, not only did it include a barking cough, boatloads of snot, and goopy, runny eyes, but also major vomiting. (And being that Liam has never been a big puker, this sick-till-there-is-absolutely-nothing-left has left him quite traumatized) Poor guy, he has never been sick like he has the past few days. I did get him into the clinic today where I also found out that he has a raging ear infection to boot. (Isn't it funny that the doctor I took him to on Wednesday said absolutely nothing was wrong? Grrrr...)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Smelling fresh

So it took me a while to realize why every time Liam got a hold of one of our sticks of deodorant he would hold it above his head. Then it clicked - what does he see us do when we put it on? Lift our arm above our head!

Let's go fly a kite

Yesterday Grandma and Grandpa J brought Liam a kite. We had a chance to go out with it this afternoon and Liam had a blast! He was too funny to watch running around watching the kite dart back and forth. When the kite got too high he hard a hard time watching it and would usually end up losing his balance and falling back on his bum. If it weren't for the fact that Liam was ready for supper, I don't think we would have ever have gotten him home!