Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby J

Okay, so the pics are small - you'll have to wait for me to hook up the scanner again to get some better ones! :)

And now for the external view. This was already a few weeks ago, so believe it or not, I am even bigger!

Liam goes fishing

Grandpa gave Liam a fishing rod last time we were up to visit, so when Grandpa came down here all the boys went to the creek to see what they could catch. They did manage to catch one fish which Liam was quite disgusted by - Grandpa was lucky enough to get that pic! The rest of you will have to make do with these:

Lily's first haircut

Well, we didn't have too much to cut, but Lily's hair was getting pretty fuzzy in the back so we decided it was time! She sat quite well for the haircut, and got quite a kick out of being sprayed with the spray bottle!

Spring is here!

Have you ever seen such cuties???

More of Lily plays dress-up...

Playing in the sandbox...