Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lily's One Year Stats

Lily had her one year doctor's appointment this morning, and of course she is doing great! The doctor was impressed with how much Lily talks - he said the amount of words Lily uses is "really good - really, really good." Of course every Mama loves to hear something like that!

As for the official stats: our peanut is 19 lbs 8oz and 28.5 inches tall. According to the clinic charts, that is 20th percentile for weight, and 45th percentile for height. A big girl she is not!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Lily's Birthday Part 2

It is not even 2pm and we have already had such a busy day!!

Liam gave his present to Lily this morning. He picked her out a baby doll almost 2 months ago. Seriously, he saw it in Walmart and told me we needed to buy it for Lily's birthday - so we did! It was so funny to watch Liam try to explain to her that the bottle was for the baby, not her!

Then we headed over to the indoor playground for Lily's birthday party. We invited Liam and Lily's friends and they all had a great time playing. Then Lily had lots of "help" opening her presents. Any clothes that she got, Lily had to try on - too cute! Then we had a snack, and finally Lily had her first taste of cake!! She LOVED it and ate it all up! We finally knew she was done when the plate ended up as a hat on her head.

Finally we all came home for a nap. Well, only the kids napped, but Mommy and Daddy were glad for a chance to rest!

Happy Birthday Lily!!!

As of 12:56pm, our baby girl is officially one!! Where has the time gone? It is amazing how much she has learned and accomplished in such a short period of time.

Lily is just a whirlwind of activity! She crawls everywhere, climbs anything, and gets into everything she can get her hands on. She gets into much more trouble than her brother did at this age. Her favourite toy is her (or Liam's) flip couch - she just loves to climb all over it!
She is starting to walk and is really quite steady, but just doesn't have the desire to do it on her own just yet. If you fool her into thinking you have a hold of her she will easily walk at least half the length of the hallway, but as soon as she knows you have let go she plops back down on her bum. She will take short trips from the coffee table to the couch on her own, so I'm sure she will be walking all over in no time!

I think Lily is going to be a chatterbox just like her Mommy and her brother. She has quite a few words already: Dad, Mom, shoes, souce, hat, ball, baby, milk, poop, and of course nnnnnnNA! (no) She also makes a blech! noise for things that taste yucky, says Mmmm when she eats, makes kissing noises, and knows how to sing along to the kids show Poko! (For those of you that don't know, the opening credits go Puh-puh-puh-Poko! Lily goes Puh -puh-puh-papa! She will even start saying it if she just sees a picture of Poko - it is too cute!) She also says "Knock-knock!" as a result of Liam's recent obsession with knock-knock jokes!
Lily is a champion eater - again, just like her big brother. She is completely on table foods now as she has wanted nothing to do with baby foods for quite some time. Her favourite foods are corn, cheese, and noodles with tomato sauce. She is a little mooch too - she wants anything that someone else has!

Our little princess sure has come a long way, and I can't wait to see what the next year brings. Happy birthday baby girl!!

Friday, November 02, 2007


We all had a great Halloween day! We started off by going to the costume parade at my school in the morning. Liam surprisingly enough was not afraid of the costumes, and he was thrilled when he got to have a turn to tour the gym himself! He was telling me "Mom, I'm in a farade!"

In the afternoon we carved the pumpkin that Liam and Lily got from Auntie Teresa and Uncle Peter. Liam helped us scrape out the insides and he was so excited to watch Mommy carve the face!!

And just to show you all how much of a daredevil climber Lily is - no one put her on that table! It was all we could do to keep her down while we were carving the pumpkin!
After carving our pumpkin, we went to Liam's friend Cody's house for supper and then we went trick or treating with their friend Melina. The older kids had a blast collecting candy and would have liked to have stayed out forever! However, the three babies all decided that they had enough after about an hour and a half and sent the Mommies running home!

And here are our two trick or treaters! Doctor Liam and bear Lily. I'm surprised that Lily even fit into that bear costume. If you don't remember I made it for Liam's first Halloween and Liam was almost twice the size of Lily!!

Fun with Lily