Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Six Months Already!!

I can not believe that Lily has been in our lives for 6 months already! Where has the time gone??

Lily is our little sweetheart. She is so much quieter than her brother, and much more cuddly! She loves to give us all hugs and kisses!

At six months Lily is quite adept at moving around by rolling, rolling, rolling. She is a very grabby baby and will take and eat everything in her reach! Now that she is mobile, the floor is her favourite place to be - even better if her brother is there with her! She is working on sitting, but isn't too close just yet. She will balance for a few seconds, but that is about it. She LOVES to stand, and will actually stay standing for more than a minute by herself if she is holding onto the table or couch. Who knows, maybe she will be walking in just a few months!

Unlike her brother, Lily is not keen on any kind of baby food. She did well for the first few days and then wanted nothing to do with it. We have started giving her Farley's cookies and she seems to like them - I think she is stubborn and just wants to be able to feed herself!

Lily is a pretty good sleeper. Most nights she only wakes up once to eat - that is if her brother doesn't wake her first! Her naps are starting to get nice and long and on a good schedule so I'm glad about that!

I don't have any stats for you all just yet - Lily's 6 month appointment is on May 23. I'll update then!

Lily's first day in shorts!!

I posted about Liam's first day in shorts - click here - so it is only fair I do the same for Lily!

My new favourite picture

I just can't get enough of this picture!! My two kiddos getting into mischief together!

Ready for summer!!

We have been so lucky in that there have been quite a few nice days over the past few weeks. I've been able to break out the summer clothes!