Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had a great time on Halloween on Friday. The kids had a blast trick or treating, although at the beginning neither of them quite got it. At the first house, Liam tried to give his treats to the person at the door (we threw a few in for him to get started), and Lily threw a fit because she wanted to eat everything as she was given it!! After a few stops, the kids got the hang of it and really enjoyed visiting the rest of the street. Everyone loved their costumes, and people got a kick out of the pot Liam carried to collect his treats. The best part though came when we arrived back home - both kids loved handing out treats to the kids at our door! We will have to remember that for next year...

Here are the best I could do, considering that Liam did not want his picture taken!

Family Visits

Charlie and Grandpa J at Thanksgiving.

Lily and her favourtie Robyn.

Charlie and Grandma D.

Fun at the park

Not too many pictures to share from our trip to the park - the kids move so fast most of the pics are blurry!

Fright night

Don't you just love our little skeletons??

Our Thanksgiving entertainment...

Can you believe that after Thanksgiving dinner it snowed enough to build a snowman??