Sunday, April 22, 2007

Promises, promises

I know I promised to write more, and now it has been a month since my last post!Things have been quite busy around here. I was recently in Theatre Amisk's (a local theatre group) production of Anything Goes and that took up a ton of my time. Now that that is done, we've taken on the task of putting our house up for sale! We are staying in the same town, but we are looking for a bigger place. Liam and Lily are currently sharing a room and it is not ideal, and we are just busting at the seams everywhere else. The market is quite hot right now, so that is good news for us selling, and not such good news for us buying! If we have to we can rent a townhouse to get us through until we find a place that we both like and can afford!

The kids are doing really well. Growing like weeds of course! Well okay, maybe not getting much taller but they definately are getting bigger! Liam amazes me everyday. He is such a little boy now - not a baby at all - and he is the biggest chatterbox! The words and concepts that he understands just blow my mind. We can actually have real conversations together!

Lily is as sweet as ever. She can now roll over both ways and is beginning to put her pacifier back in her own mouth. She grabs for everything in reach - she is so curious!

Well, I leave you with some pics (in order from newest to oldest) and my determination to try to post more often!

Lily about 5 minutes ago!

Liam and his friend Emily!