Monday, July 02, 2007

First swim of the year!!

After many, many cool days we finally had a hot, sunny day today!! After afternoon naps, we took the kids to the wading pool at a local park. Lily loved her very first swim!! The water was cool, but she started smiling and giggling the moment her feet touched the water!

Fair 2007

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the fair. We had tons of fun - especially Liam! He LOVED riding on all the rides. He even went on the Ferris Wheel with his Mommy! The whole time he repeated "WOW! I see everything Mommy!" Mommy wasn't super thrilled (I hate heights) but I went anyway. Don't ever say I don't to anything for you, kid!!

Congrats Colby!

Last weekend my second youngest brother graduated from high school - congratulations Colby!! We drove down for the ceremony and stayed to visit for the weekend. We had a great time seeing everybody - it had been way too long since our last visit. Liam loved spending time with his uncles, and Lily thought they were pretty neat too. Lily also got to meet her Grandpa Terry for the very first time!