Friday, August 26, 2005

What a difference a day makes!

I just wrote yesterday that Liam could care less about sitting - today, he's a sitting pro!

Silly Monkey!!

I was sitting on one end of the couch eating some breakfast and watching a show on T.V. while Liam jumped in his jumperoo at the other end of the couch. I kept looking over at him and he was jumping away - every once in a while he would lay his head down on the side. He does this quite often to either look at things sideways, or when he is playing with the roller toy. Anyway I keep looking, and he is still hopping with his head down. After a minute or two, I went to take a closer look - the little monkey is sleeping, and still jumping! He's never done this before - this is the first time he's fallen asleep while playing!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Seven Months!

Our little man is now seven months old!

Liam is getting better at sitting everyday - that is if I can get him to practice! He really doesn't have much interest in sitting as he would rather be rolling all over the place. If I can keep him entertained enough, he can sit up on his own (and properly, no more tripod!) for 2-3 minutes. I'm hoping he'll have sitting down pat in the next few weeks. Liam is also starting to make some progress towards crawling. The past few days he has started getting up on his hands and knees. He doesn't get all the way up yet - it looks like he is trying to do a push-up from his knees - but I'm sure he'll get those knees all the way under his butt any day now. Now that he doesn't just bury his face in the floor when he gets on his knees he is getting some movement, but it is slow and mostly backwards! Of course he is still enjoying the good ol' Jumperoo - he'll jump over an hour if we'll let him. Last but not least, he is starting to take an interest in standing. He used to not care, and would just let his legs go limp if you tried to stand him up. Now there are times when he refuses to bend at the waist when you try to sit him down!

This past month Liam has really started to babble. He's becoming a real talkative little guy, saying ba-ba-ba and da-da-da all over the place. However, blowing raspberries is still his favourite. There are lots of times that he blows so many raspberries that there is a foam around his mouth and he looks like he has rabies.

Liam continues to be a great eater. We've introduced some of the baby meats, although he doesn't seem to like them much. He's also been trying some new things like yogourt (so-so) and cottage cheese (absolutely loves it!). I've started to give him finger foods like cheerios and grated cheese. He doesn't quite have the pincer grasp down yet, but he manages to fist the food and get it to his mouth. He still wants to eat whatever we have on our plates so we have started giving him more table food. He seems to like it more than the baby food so maybe we won't have to buy that for much longer!

Finally, finally, Liam is starting to become a better sleeper. He now has more good nights than bad, and on a good night just wakes up twice to eat. He also has started taking longer naps - thank goodness! He still isn't consistent, but he now takes as many long naps as he does short ones. Could this be the beginning of the end of the sleep-deprived Mommy?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Liam's turn on the computer...

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

An update from Liam

Hi everyone! It's me, Liam! Boy, has it ever been a busy two weeks! It all began with my Daddy getting a new job. Daddy is going to work at a new bank as a business banker. We are all really happy for him because it will be an interesting change for him and he'll be getting a big pay raise. Yay Daddy!

The move to a new bank meant that Daddy had to take his vacation weeks from the old bank first so we have been busy travelling around and visiting with everybody. We started by going to Manitou to see Grandma Sherry and Ron, Uncle Colby and Uncle Ian, and Grandpa Terry. We had a fun time at the farm. We went for a long walk and Uncle Ian pushed me in the stroller. It was so nice to be outside!

We also went to visit my "Auntie" Sandy, Lori, and Michael. This was my first time meeting Lori and Michael. I thought Lori was facinating - I love big kids! She was so funny; she didn't want Mommy to take her picture so she kept on closing her eyes, and she called "Uncle" Ian "superdad"! Mommy still laughs about that one! I liked meeting Michael too. He is only 3 months younger than me so we will have lots of fun playing together when we get bigger.

On Thursday I went with Mommy and Daddy to Winnpegosis. Daddy went fishing with "Uncle" Todd, Mommy visited with "Auntie" Twylla, and I got to play with Hayden. The next day Daddy stayed home with me while Mommy and "Auntie" Twylla went for a moms-day-out lunch together.

We stayed home on the weekend and I spent my days rollin', rollin', rollin'. I rolled all sorts of places and got in all sorts of trouble! I love it when I get under the table, or in the curtains. I even rolled myself right under the chair!

On Monday we spent the day at Clear Lake. We went window shopping in all the stores, walked on the boardwalk and looked at cabins. Everywhere we went people were telling me how cute I was!

Then we were off to Swan River to see Grandma and Grandpa J. We went to the post office to see Grandma Linda and I got to sort some mail! I had lots of fun chewing up Grandpa's cable bill. We also went to Grandpa's pawn shop. I wanted to work there too, but I was too tired and just had a nap instead.

Last but not least, yesterday we went shopping in Brandon. I got some new toys and Mommy and Daddy bought some new living room furniture.

It was a busy couple of weeks, but I had lots of fun. This next week will be exciting too; Daddy starts his new job tomorrow, on Tuesday is Mommy and Daddy's anniversary (3 years!), and on Wednesday I will be 7 months old!

Bye-bye for now!


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

6 month check-up

Liam had his 6 month appointment this afternoon. I was so curious to see how much he weighed - a big 20 lbs 4 oz!! The doctor said Liam is doing excellent and Liam took his 2 needles like a champ, so all in all we had a great check-up!

Our first "vacation"

On the weekend we took a mini-vacation to Winnipeg. We hadn't been to the city since just before Liam was born! We went shopping for Liam, visited my Grandma (Liam's great-grandma), swam in the hotel pool, went to the zoo, and ate out. It was wonderful! We were a little worried about how Liam would react to all the travelling and the strange environment, but he was great! He slept most of the way there and back, and he slept fantastically at the hotel in his pack and play. Now that we know that he won't be a problem we are going to start travelling more often!

Here is Liam giving hugs to his great-Grandma. When Grandma saw the picture she just cringed and said she looked like a wild witch woman! LOL!

This is Liam and me posing in front of the statue of "Winnie the bear" at the Winnipeg zoo. (Forgive Derek for cutting off the top of the statue!)