Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Charlie's 6 month update

Today my baby boy is 6 months old! How can he be that old already????? The time has just flown by!

Charlie is a super sweet baby. He rarely fusses and is content to just hang out and watch his brother and sister. He is full of smiles for his family - especially Liam and Lily. He needs a bit of time to warm up to strangers, but in no time he is working his charm on them too!

Charlie's favourite passtimes are jumping in the Jumperoo and playing with toys on the floor. He has recently discovered that his pacifier makes a really cool noise if you shake it (from the handle hitting against the shield) so it has become one of his favourite toys. Just one week ago, Charlie finally mastered rolling front to back. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of back to front yet, but he has all the skills and just needs to put them together. I think half the battle is he has no desire to roll over, he is just so content wherever he is!!

In the past few weeks, Charlie has finally started eating baby food. He has tried rice and oatmeal cereal as well as pears and sweet potatoes. So far he hasn't really been thrilled with any of it!

He hasn't had his 6 month appointment yet, but as of 3 weeks ago Charlie was weighing in at 21lbs 14.5 oz and was 26.25 inches long. He is a big, round boy!! He has got the cutest little chubby cheeks and is the cuddliest little roly poly thing ever!

Here are some more pics of our littlest man taken today:

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Miss X said...

So cute! Can't believe how big he is getting!