Thursday, June 18, 2009

9 month Charlie

I've started writing this post who knows how many times and I always seem to get interrupted. Then, during said interruption my computer is taken hostage by a little urchin who thinks that playing games is much more important than whatever Mom was working on. In any case...

At this point we are actually getting to be closer to 10 months, but better late than never! The newest news is Charlie finally has teeth! I'm glad - I was beginning to think I was going to have to buy the little guy some dentures! The teeth did cause a little dip in Charlie's normally cheery disposition, but once they broke through our little man was back to being all smiles!

Just in the past 2 weeks, Charlie has finally started eating a good amount of solid foods. He will now eat anywhere between 1/2 to a jar of food at each meal plus snacks of Cheerios and Goldfish in between. Along with this has come some better night sleeping (Can I get a hallelujah!). One night waking is now the norm - it feels so good to get some solid stretches of sleep!

Charlie is taking his time in the area of movement. He rolls quite well and can get himself into tons of trouble that way, but has made no progress in moving forward in any way, shape, or form. The closest he gets is he occasionally pushes himself backwards with his hands while attempting to lift his bum off the ground. (Notice I say attempt - he's lucky if his hips even leave the floor!) He was however right on time with sitting - he mastered that at 7.5 months. :) He actually is getting close to being able to push himself into a sitting position from his belly - he is going to love being able to sit with his big brother and sister whenever he chooses!

Now for the tricks! Charlie loves to play pat-a-cake and clap his hands. He occasionally will cover his eyes with his hands to play peek-a-boo - but he usually only removes one hand to peek - it is so cute! He says Mom and Dad (just like Lily, DAD - clear as day), and has just started waving. He's a smart little guy!

Last but not least, the stats. I still have the sheet from public health in the van, so I will double check and make sure I am right. At 9 months - 24lbs 11oz, and 27 3/4 inches long.

Pics will follow soon - I need to download from the camera!

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